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Traveling Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a mountainous destination in Central Asia for lovers of extreme rest. The number of historical monuments that can be found in Afghanistan is enormous. Natural places are no inferior to them in terms of their grandeur and beauty. The Hindu Kush mountain range is one of the most beautiful and majestic mountain systems worldwide. It combines the originally preserved mountains, valleys and lakes, which could attract more tourists here, were the political situation safer. Located in the valley of the eponymous river, Kabul is the capital of the country. The city was founded in 1504 as the capital city of the Mogul Empire. Nowadays, it has been greatly affected by the dramatic events of recent years, but it still remains a picturesque and interesting city for travelers.

Founded in as early as the 5th century, the ancient fortress of Bala Hissar, which is still the place of an army garrison, could be a perfect attraction, but its vicinity is turned into minefields. Meanwhile, the walls of the citadel are of an almost 30-kilometer length. The National Museum of Afghanistan used to have the richest collection of art in Central Asia during the reign of the Taliban. There is also a very modest, but very cute Kabul Zoo, Pashtunistan Square, the monument to the slain by terrorists leader of the Northern Alliance, Ahmad Shah Massoud, etc.

To the west of the capital is the Paghman valley, where you can learn about the architecture of the villas and the life of the former Afghan nobility. In Ishtalif village, which is densely populated with craftsmen and artists, one can see beautiful terraced gardens, the ruins of an ancient Hindu complex next to the Tao-Iskander, and other attractions.
In the north-east of the country, near the Panjshir mountain river, there is an exceptionally beautiful gorge. In addition to the beauty of the mountains and curious constructions of clay, more reminiscent of honeycombs, this area may attract the tourists with heaps of shattered Soviet military equipment left here in the 1980-s.

Among other attractions of Afghanistan, we can note the historical region of Nuristan, its unspoiled nature, the fort of the 20th century, located on the site of the old castle, picturesque Bashgul Valley, as well as the ancient capital of Gorid Kingdom, the city of Shahr-i-Zorak. One cannot but mention the north-western province of Bamiyan with its main attraction of two huge statues of Buddha, which were converted by the Taliban into a pile of stones. The main attractions of Gazni province are one of the largest castles in Afghanistan, minarets, gardens and the tomb of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni and his father, the remains of numerous palaces.

Of particular interest are also the city of Jalalabad, located in a mountain oasis, the three-kilometer Khyber pass connecting Afghanistan with Pakistan, from where almost all invaders came to the country in their time, a great mosque of the 13th century Jama Masjid, the complex of structures of the 15th century, Musalla, with six minarets and mausoleums etc. Another tourist attraction is the commercial city of Kandahar with a fragment of the Prophet’s cloak, which is stored in the mosque Da Kherqa Sharif Ziarat.

Monitors Mobile Brand traveling main system

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Vacation in Sunny, Artsy Carlsbad

Sunny, always artsy Carlsbad, perfectly situated between glamorous Los Angeles and San Diegos more laid-back surf scene in beautiful Southern California, boasts an array of restaurants covering a melting pot of cuisines, has great shopping and some of the best Carlsbad package hotel deals around. What a great excuse to visit the scenic seaside Village.

Carlsbad Village is a relaxed seaside village ripe for visitor discovery, beating with the heart of a lively modern city. In Carlsbad, something wonderful appears to be around every corner.

Carlsbad Attractions

Carlsbad is home to many Southern California major attractions including LEGOLAND California Resort, the seasonal Carlsbad Flower Fields, an indoor go-kart speedway for racing action, shopping at the Carlsbad Outlet Mall, and has close proximity to San Diego golf and surfing, the Del Mar Racetrack, La Costa, Camp Pendleton, and more! Whether youre planning a family vacation, a day at the beach with friends, or a couples romantic getaway weekend, youll find all the fun, action, and adventure travel packages you would ever need to find in Carlsbad.


Located along the beautiful Pacific Ocean coastline and graced with a mild climate year-round, seaside Carlsbad offers an idyllic setting for your next vacation getaway. Whether on an action-packed getaway or a relaxing retreat, you will find amazing hotel, motel and resort lodging accommodations that range from beach-side bungalows to luxury resort hotels and everything in-between.

Ocean Palms Beach Resort ( is one of the finest hotels and resorts in the Carlsbad Village. Located just steps away from the beach, at Ocean Palms Beach Resort you will enjoy the perfect setting for your San Diego beach vacation.

Vacation in the Sun: Carlsbad California

No matter what your hotel, motel, resort lodging taste or vacation budget, Carlsbad caters to the lavish and thrifty alike.

Ocean Palms Beach Resort is the perfect southern California vacation getaway, especially if you want to relax and soak in the sun while enjoying the world-famous surf, shopping, golf, spas, and numerous dining opportunities.

With its many oceanfront rooms available for vacation and weekend getaway lodging alike, Ocean Palms Beach Resort guests experience cool ocean breezes, warm sand, and exotic Pacific Ocean sunsets while enjoying affordable, comfortable guest rooms and the resorts always friendly service.

Some of the many amenities of the Ocean Palms Beach Resort vacation/resort seaside property include: complimentary wireless Internet on-site, cable TV, phones with voice mail, two beach access stairwells, just across street from the resort, lush tropical garden courtyard, a comfortably heated pool and toasty-warm Jacuzzi spa, picture-perfect patio picnic areas with gas barbecues, outdoor fireplace and fire pits, fully equipped workout gym, an exclusive guest-only use putting green, and on-site laundry facilities.

The location is perfect for wedding stays and has a Conference and Reception Center on site. People are saying great things about this beach vacation destination. Check out recent reviews of the Ocean Palms Beach Resort at TripAdvisor.
Ocean Palms Beach Resort regularly offers special rates for returning visitors. Call (800) 88-BEACH to make your beach vacation reservation today.


Carlsbads mild weather and stunning beaches make it one of the perfect southern California destinations all year round. The seven miles of surf, sand and sun beckon for endless outdoor activities. Soak in the sun, catch some waves or stroll along the shore. You can count on Carlsbad beaches for ocean fun anytime of the year.

Nature, Outdoor Activities and Surf

Over the years, Carlsbad has maintained its vast, beautiful outdoor spaces so that they may be enjoyed by bikers, kayakers, fishers, bird-watchers, and others. Home to an extensive trail system that ranges from leisurely to strenuous, youll find open hills, covered paths, expansive beaches and quiet lagoons where the mild, ocean air can be savored.

Kayak into the sunset at the 400 acre Agua Hedionda Lagoon, hike and explore Carlsbads extensive trail system with your four-legged buddy, play a few rounds of golf on La Costas world-class course, enjoy some rest and relaxation at Skinsational Skin and Body Spa or maybe have real fun go-kart racing at the zippy indoor K1 Speed.

More athletically minded? Check out the Carlsbad Marathon and Half, the World’s Fastest 5K or the Carlsbad Triathlon, a sprint-distance 1K swim, 25K bike ride and 5K run put on each July by the City of Carlsbad Parks and Recreation Department. In 2012, it will be held Sunday, July 8, 2012 and start at Tamarack State Beach; known by many locals as the areas ideal surf spot. Other top-ranking Carlsbad surf spots: Warm Water Jetty (by the large electric power plant), Terramar (near the lagoon) and Carlsbad Pipelines (where Carlsbad Village Drive dead-ends at the water) are the most popular with surfers in the area.


In Carlsbad, golf isnt just a game, its an experience. Beautifully designed, world-class courses offer unmatched amenities, such as GPS-equipped golf carts that help gauge your next shot, gorgeous clubhouses to relax in, golf classes with top golf pros, and nearby resorts and spas for when youre done playing and want to unwind.


Starting with a simple mineral spring in 1882, Carlsbad has grown into an unmatched destination for personal pampering. Tranquil in all aspects, the mild weather and beautiful Carlsbad Village setting are now home to the most advanced and inventive spa techniques. From yoga to mud baths to massage, theres something perfect for brides, friends, groups and couples.


Carlsbad is sure to make your next family reunion or corporate meeting a memorable one! The entertaining Carlsbad Music Festival, exciting sports events, breathtaking Flower Fields and LEGOLAND attractions are just some of the exciting happenings youll find at this beautiful village by the sea.

Arts and Culture

The Village is home to one of the largest one-day festivals in the nation: Carlsbad Village Street Faire. The event draws lots of activities to Carlsbad: artistic, cultural, musical. Whether your tastes lie in fine arts, live concerts, classic cars, or craft beers, Carlsbad pleases visitors, travelers and locals alike.


Shopping in Carlsbad provides the enticing combination of upscale offerings and a casual atmosphere. Walk tree-lined streets to discover art galleries, garden shops, jewelers, clothing stores, boutiques and a farmer’s market with goodies galore. Venture further southeast from the Village proper for more shopping options at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets or to The Forum Carlsbad.

Soak in the Sun: Carlsbad, California
Whether youre planning a family vacation, a day at the beach with friends, or a couples romantic getaway weekend, youll find all the fun, action, and adventure travel packages you would ever need to find in Californias favorite seaside Village destination: Carlsbad, CA.

Cheap Flight Tickets How To Chop Down Traveling Cost

Traveling by air is one of the speedy and convenient modes, which are preferred by many of us. And every one of us would like to save money while traveling. Moreover, now we have swift access to various domestic and international airlines that offers cheap flight tickets. Today, with the advancement of technology you can have easy access to the internet where you can conduct such search in just few minutes.

You can easily visit the various airline sites and search for the departure and final destination points along with the date and time. And get the best options with the best price and varied packages. Today, you can also find various travel agents who can make your work easy. But while accessing their services, instead of completely depending upon them, you should also conduct some research of your own.

Strategies for Cheap flight booking: While searching for cheap flights, there are various tips that you can follow for availing the best option

– Book airline tickets online rather than offline. You can also take reference from other individuals who frequently use the airline services while travelling. Such reference will direct you with best decisions

– In order to avail huge discounts, its better to book tickets in advance several months before traveling

– If kids or senior citizens also travel with you, then search for special offers. Various airlines might provide huge discounts on their travel while going for cheap flight booking

– Online forums are also offered by these airlines of which you can easily become a member. You only have to join such forums and they will provide you email services in order to update you with regard to varied traveling plans offered by these airlines from time to time

– If you dont have any emergency, then for cheap flight booking, you should travel during non- peak days and hours. In order to cut cost, travel in the mid of the week rather than on weekends

– Search for a reliable and friendly travel agent who can provide you regular information about the promos offered by them. These promos relate to the vacation and tour packages offered by them for their customers that also offer you cheap flight tickets conveniently

And lastly if you are a frequent traveler, then you can join a flyer program offered by varied airlines. This will let you avail the benefit of long-term discounts every time you travel

How to best explore Lake Bolsena

Italy is a highly rich country, at least as far as travelers are concerned. When you are walking through the streets of small Italian towns or even villages, it almost feels like you are part of an old, vintage movie and nothing has changed. Everything surrounding you, from the architectural style of the buildings to the small groceries built right on the street, everything is simply enchanting, hard to describe in words. If New York and Las Vegas are cities full of speed, lights and technology, Italy is at the opposite side. So, what should any traveler do to really discover the beauty of this country, to be dazzled by simplicity rather than luxury? The answer is simpler than you might expect. Agritourism is the type of traveling you should try. If you wanted to visit Italy, then you most likely have heard of the enchanting area of Lake Bolseno. Located in the center of the country, near the sunny and warm Tuscany, this volcanic lake seems to draw a surprising number of tourists year after year. However, for one reasons or another, you won’t find an overwhelming number of Lake Bolsena hotels.

This fact reveals a secret, one that that you should be aware of, if you are thinking of visiting this destination. There is no better way to see the beauties of this land other than by choosing an agriturismo Lake Bolsena accommodation option. These are usually establishments that are built on the notion of tradition, of culture. Agritourism offers a completely different understanding of the concept of traveling. You will be taken away from the modern lifestyle, from the noisy streets, filled with fast moving cars, from the long lines to get into museums, from fast food restaurants and of hotels without any personality. When choosing a farmhouse holiday, you are given the opportunity to enjoy the simple lie. You can swim in the lake Bolsena, without being accompanied by a great number of people you don’t know. Each day, you have the chance to walk on stony roads, organize a picnic in the woods, visiting vineyards and seeing the center of Montefiascone with different eyes.

As far as the actual accommodation is concerned, you should know that you are welcomed in traditional houses and apartments that fit in perfectly with the rest of the buildings in the surrounding area. You will no longer be accommodated in the typical hotel room. As you can easily see, agritourism does bring something completely special, it brings a new experience, one through which you can fully understand a culture, a specific tradition. In fact, this is the true way one should travel. In the end, the goal is find the differences in cultures, not necessarily the similarities. Originality rests in differences, so make all efforts to discover them. If Lake Bolsena is the area that has convinced you, then focus on finding the right agritourism company to work with, one that can offer you a truly revealing experience and the chance to enjoy nature at its best.

If you want to find out more about agriturismo Lake Bolsena and about a different kind of Lake Bolsena hotels, please click on these links!