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Traveling Abroad Advice You Must Have

National and international travel is expected to break records this year, according to travel agencies following current trends. The following tips should help your trip be more pleasurable and relaxing if you are one of the many taking a trip this year.

Take along two light suitcases; a small one and a bigger one is advised. You’ll want to use the smaller suitcase for everything you will need after a day of being on the go such as your nightgown, robe, folding slippers, toothbrush and toothpaste, and cosmetics.

Once you’ve spent an exhausting day seeing attractions, you won’t want to scramble through the large suitcase searching for these belongings. The larger suitcase will make a great place to keep all your clothes.

Economizing the little space you have is the key to solving your packing woes. Get the smaller trial size packages of your favorite shampoos, toothpastes and cosmetics to reduce the space needed for these items. You also need to think about multi-tasking items such as getting a toothpaste that doubles as a cleaner and breath freshener.

Make sure to bring a travel alarm clock with you. Your concierge can be unreliable when it comes to waking you up on schedule, and you don’t want to miss your plans. Try not to carry too much cash.

Take some along, naturally, but only take enough to cover the incidental expenses of one day. Many places will issue Traveler’s checks that can be replaced if they are stolen.

You will be able to exchange them for the cash you need. It is also a good idea to bring a credit card with you. Do not carry more than one card and only bring a card that will accepted around the world.

In order to keep yourself from becoming a target, follow a few of these precautions. Never hang your pocket book from a single shoulder strap. Wear the strap across your body or hold the bag under one arm, and of course, don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket.

In addition, wrap elastic, or rubber, bands around your wallet. The bands add friction to your wallet, making it more difficult to quietly extract it from your pocket.

Leave any expensive or emotionally significant items at home. When traveling, always keep essentials like a change of clothing in your carry on.

Check with a local notions or drugstore to find yourself a miniature clothesline and clothespins, along with a few inflatable hangers for traveling. You can use these items to hang items that you wash by hand in your hotel.

It is a good idea to take a stash of self addressed mailing labels with you. You can use these to easily mail purchases back to yourself.

With these labels in hand, all you need to do is give on to the clerk, who can place it on your parcel for you. Print out a set of address labels with all of your contacts’ names; it will make sending postcards a breeze.

Store all of your receipts in a large envelope, which should be kept in your personal bag at all times. This way, you have what you need when you pass through customs. Make sure you have an assortment of different sized plastic bags for packing lingerie, shoes, or laundry individually.

Be sure to bring along some of your preferred sunscreen since there’s no telling if it will be available where you’re traveling. Bottles and jars made of plastic are advisable when bringing any type of liquid items, as these withstand breakage well.

A great thing to keep in mind is that you want to keep you travel clothes as wrinkle resistant and easy care as possible. You don’t want to have to fuss with too much in the way of washing and ironing clothes while you’re on vacation.

Remember that you don’t have to try and do everything. It’s exciting to take a trip, but you should also let yourself have some time to relax and shouldn’t force yourself to be out doing something every single moment of your vacation.

Ideas On How To Pack A Carry On Bag For Traveling On The Airlines

I have an adult daughter I love to travel with and we have been fortunate to go several places around the world together. As the saying goes she would pack everything but the kitchen sink and I knew if I had forgotten something she would have it. When she would come home for Christmas we would always laugh that she had to bring two suit cases and a carry on for a seven day stay.

This same daughter came back from a trip to Switzerland and Prague this year and informed me she had only taken a carry-on bag. I was astonished. I asked her if she felt like she needed more and she said no.

Advantages to using only a carry-on bag when flying:

It is wonderful not checking bags and having to wait in line to check them, and then wait even longer for them to come off the belt to pick up. This saves a lot of time and frustration.
Knowing that your bag wouldn’t be lost.
Not having heavy baggage to lug up and down stairs and off and on trains or other modes of transportation.
Packing only the essentials.
Saving money by not having to pay money to check one or more bags.

So how on earth do you pack just a carry-on bag instead of larger bags? I just went to Japan for 10 days so I have some firsthand knowledge of how to do this. At first I had to receive constant reassurance from my daughter that I could do it because frankly I didn’t know how I could do it. When packing only a carry-on there is not the luxury of packing clothing “just in case I might want it”, planning ahead is very important. Everything you pack will be used.

First of all check with your airline, this can be done on line, to find out what their measurement restrictions are. Domestic and International can be different. Measure your bag three ways; length wise, the depth and side to side. Add these three together and you have the size of your bag.
I still pack everything in plastic bags, by squeezing out the air you can get more in them. Rolling your clothes takes up less space. If you are concerned about wrinkles you can buy wrinkle free clothes, use the hotel’s iron, or lay them flat for your outgoing trip and then as you collect things on your trip roll them up for the return trip.
Wear one blouse and take two other blouses for a total of three. These can be two short sleeves and one long sleeve if going to a warm climate, or reversed for a cold climate. Check the local weather before you pack.
Wear one long pair of pants and pack two short pair, or reversed depending on the weather. If you like to wear skirts or dresses, change out one of these.
Take as many socks and underwear as you are willing to wash outI mean if you don’t want to wash only every four to six days then take that many.
Wear your bulkier shoes and pack your lighter ones. If you will only need one pair, that saves even more space. Two pair might be a good idea if you are planning on going to the beach, out for the evening, or if you think you may get your feet wet.
For cosmetics take as few as possible and in 3 oz. or smaller sizes as those are the TSA rules. Put all gels and liquids in a quart size plastic zip bag before getting to the airport. Place them in the outside pocket of your luggage and you can take it out easily to go through security.
Pack enough medications for the duration of your trip and a few extra pills in case of emergencies. Keep these in their original bottles, ask the pharmacists to put them in the smallest bottles available with a label.
If you need a curling iron or blow dryer buy a travel size. Everyplace I have been are now providing blow dryers. Buy smaller hair brushes.
Use a bungee cord to attach a jacket to your bag to stroll through the airport, doesn’t take up valuable space on the inside of your bag.

I do not recommend the hard suitcases as a carry-on bag because they don’t have any pockets on the outside you can put things in. Like your plastic bag with liquids. And other things you may need to tuck in at the last second.

If you travel often within the USA to relatives homes keep things like blow dryers, extra tooth paste, brushes and so forth in a closed container that can be kept out of their way on a shelf or under the bed at their homes. This saves you space when traveling and keeps you organized.

If you travel often keep small size products in the plastic zip lock and keep them with your travel supplies. The next time you travel your personal items will be all ready to go and this will save you time.

If you are traveling with children get them carry-ons they can not only pull, but holds all their clothing and stuff, even if you have to carry it along with yours, a paying customer is allowed one carry-on and one personal item. Too often I see kids just pulling little dinky carry-ons.

You are also allowed a personal item so use your back pack for your book to read, whatever you take to hold your I.D., money, treats, and other things you want to get to without opening the overhead bin. For the children load their backpacks with things they will need for the trip, activities and treats would be the main things to include.

Time management is important to all of us and you will not only make the most of your time but you will see that being organized has its distinct advantages even when traveling.

Top 5 Reasons Traveling Keeps You Young

There are many benefits of traveling, especially traveling often. In fact, mention travel to just about anyone and notice a whole new demeanor come over them. People love things that make them feel young and happy and traveling usually tops the list. However, have you ever noticed how society as a whole is fixated on griping about the disadvantages of getting older? While complaining about our weight, changing looks, graying hair and increasing birthdays, people rarely choose to see the benefits of aging. But like any situation, the positives usually far outweigh the negatives; you just have to look through a new lens.

Having experience under your belt brings with it a whole new set of advantages. For starters, experience brings increased knowledge of just about everything in life than you had before. You now know to slow down and take the time to enjoy yourself and others important to you – spouse, children, grandchildren, extended family and friends. Moreover, peer pressures lessen, society boundaries seem less rigid, goals become clearer, stability increases, people respect you more and the confidence that comes with reaching a certain age is priceless.

Getting older in number doesn’t have to mean sitting around reminiscing about the -good old days.- The truth is that older doesn’t have to mean boring. In fact, keeping in mind these top five reasons traveling keeps you young will remind you why you should not only plan your next trip, but why becoming a travel addict should be in your future.

1.Breaks up your daily routine

Traveling provides a change of scenery. In today’s world where technology often replaces face-to-face interaction, traveling makes you get outdoors and tune in to humanity. Whether your days are filled with work, parenthood, grocery shopping or all three, a new setting will lend you the freedom you need to recreate yourself. No matter your stage in life, stepping away from your daily life keeps stress from taking over or boredom from creeping in.

2.Relieves your stress

Travel is necessary to our survival. The spontaneity and excitement of travel allows you to put petty frustrations in their rightful place. The physical and mental rejuvenation that accompanies traveling enables you to return to your daily routine with the energy and patience needed to deal with all your responsibilities. Spend your money on travel and prevent the buildup of stress that will make you throw your money away at the doctor’s office.

3.Requires you to be active -physically and mentally

Traveling by its very nature makes you move. Whether you’re zip lining in Costa Rica, walking the streets in Rome or simply lying on the beach in Jamaica, you will be active. Most of us know that physical exercise is good for our general health, but physical exercise is also good for your brain. If you think you’re going to get smarter sitting in front of your computer or watching television, think again. It is said that our brain is a thinking organ that learns and grows by acting and interacting with the world. Mental stimulation improves brain function and protects against severe cognitive decline caused by disease. Most age-related losses in memory or motor skills simply result from mental and physical inactivity. In other words, use it or lose it. Why not use it by traveling?

4.Provides education beyond books

Traveling is not mere recreation, but education through experience. Travel captures things books can only describe. A traveler learns that there are numerous ways of thinking and more than one solution to a problem. Travel teaches that not everyone shares your beliefs and that other ways of doing things can work equally well. In issues from child-rearing to politics, travel rids you of the arrogance that comes with everyone believing they’re the best. In essence, traveling the globe makes you a lifelong learner.

5.Brings spiritual health

Travel teaches humility. Travelers learn that all people in the world are basically alike. Language, customs and all exterior differences aside, we all share the basic desires and concerns. Travel makes us care about strangers and become comfortable with the unfamiliar. It makes it impossible to have a disregard for others. We become concerned for and respectful to all people. Ultimately, spiritual health is about finding meaning and purpose in your life and discovering who you truly are. Physical, mental and spiritual health is deeply tangled in a web of cause and effect. Start traveling and instantly bring good health to all three.

In summary, traveling keeps you young in more ways than one. Most importantly, travel nourishes the soul. Prescription: Travel as often as you can-doctor’s orders.

Precious White is co-founder and CEO of FoRP Travel, a metro Atlanta-based group travel company. For more information visit our website at Group Travel Club for Seniors

Mifi Benefits When Traveling

Traveling often goes hand in hand with business. Especially with traveling long distances, it is important to always be in touch with colleagues and be updated with what is happening in the quickest and most convenient way possible. With the invention of the Internet and devices that can connect wirelessly, being in touch has become much easier. It is to be noted that although technology has brought the world closer together, there are still major limitations as to what and how much a consumer can do and accomplish online.

With the earlier technology involved in connecting to the Internet, pricey subscriptions were required in order to gain access. Shops and businesses offering WiFi service provided greater convenience by allowing consumers to access the Internet beyond the confines of the home or office but at significantly higher costs. There were even some areas that provided the service for free but with trade-offs such as lower speeds with limited or no connectivity. With the new Mobile WiFi technology, aptly called MiFi, it is expected that businesses will no longer see travel as a limitation in keeping up with the demands of the customers.

MiFi rental technology transmits wireless signals to other WiFi-enabled gadgets such as laptops, digital cameras, cellular phones, etc. The MiFi device is a trouble-free business companion which can conveniently fit your pocket since it is only the same size as that of a credit card. Needless to say, having a MiFi service is like having a personal Internet service which can enable you to connect to the Internet any time of the day together with four other wireless devices. With a MiFi rental service, you and your colleagues can have an off-site meeting without the worries of interrupted Internet connectivity and at the same time, the wireless signal is easily shared within the group.

WiFi hotspots are well and good but they are only plenty in well developed areas such as urban cities. With businesses that require a lot of travel, a reliable Internet connection is definitely a must. Occupations that require an individual to always be on call or during emergencies, a WiFi hotspot will just not do. While traveling on a cruise line, ferry, taxi cab, train and other forms of transportation, more often than not there is no decent Internet connection available. With a MiFi rental, it is as easy as turning on the power of the small box and once the wireless devices are connected, Internet surfing is ready to go, regardless of the current location. Surely, having a MiFi will no longer put traveling consumers on a tight spot even at the most remote location. MiFi rental services are proven to be useful anywhere, from traveling to rural areas, staying in simple accommodations such as bed & breakfast houses to public places such as theme parks or exhibitions. A MiFi to be used for mobile connectivity is the quintessential tool for people and businesses on the go. As rates vary depending on whether where the service is to be used, consumers are advised to acquire a reliable MiFi rental service in order to be assured of an uncompromised business, even in the most unlikely places on the planet.

Greece Financial Calamity Striking The Nation And Its Traveling Industry!!!

Greece is experiencing monetary chaos above its $400bn liability, with progressively more costly re costing and a repeatedly relegated credit ranking. The credit marking of Greece has been let down to scrap position, a menace stage that will currently compel many strong economic giants to stop booking Greece flights and to discontinue spending in the country’s financial situations. As a result, the capital of Greece, Athens has still smaller amount of money to reimburse its massive debts and the most dangerous thing is that this financial disorder will extend to other European Union nations and a few other nations as well.

Athens which is famed as the well liked tourists destination but now devoid of a firm tourism industry this Mediterranean nation will be on target for still more financial problems. The strikes against the government are going on which has affected the number of travelers to fall off who reserve Greece flights Many people who used to travel towards Greece in flocks and groups are avoiding coming there, and in return, the tourism sector of this nation is presenting great mark downs on the flights. So it is good time for the people who want to travel to Greece just to enjoy its perfect natural sightseeing as it will cost them quite less to reach there.

These fiscal crunches are faced by the nation just due to some mismanagement as the money has been over spent in numerous areas. These incorporated profit and promotion programs, the public division and government commissions, in addition to unprofitable efficacies, like Olympic Airways which is the state flag carrier and mostly used domestically and internationally as well for Greece flights that was ultimately privatized in 2008. Due to the demotion of its credit ranking to scrap, Greece could not safe the cash it requires from the open market to reimburse its loans and that is why had to go to the European Union and International Monetary Fund to rescue wealth.

Fear rises that this economic crisis will distress other countries as well who have a solitary European currency, the euro. As now the euro has dropped to the value one year low down in opposition to the US dollar due to this disaster. Numerous measures are to be taken by Greece to reduce its debts which include erasing civil servants’ additional benefits, putting ban on early retirement, freezing state pension, merging some state firms and selling stakes to others.