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Getting a Limo Party Bus for the Championship Game

It was the team championship for our school. First one in many years. We could not just take the kids, staff and volunteers in a school bus. We decided to amp up the celebration of winning the playoffs. This was a big deal to the kids, the parents and the local community. Many people were going to be making the almost two hour drive to where we were going to play. We decided to rent a big party bus in Toronto for the trip. The bus is outfitted for parties, and just because ours was not going to have any alcohol did not mean it was not a party.

The bus we rented had a very professional driver. The seating inside was much nicer than any school or commercial bus rental could be. Continue reading

Controlling the Costs of a Wedding

Sue and I have been living together for nearly three and a half years. At first we had a little apartment near the campus, but now we have a tiny house on a quarter acre of land. If is not much, but it is close to perfect for a couple that is just starting out. We have decided it is time to get married, but we want to keep the cost of it at a reasonable level. For example we have been looking at the cost of renting a limousine in Toronto and it is sort of hard for us to see where the benefit is going out weigh the cost of it, especially when there is so many other things that you have to have. A limo is a really nice thing, but I am going to be able to drive myself away from the wedding just fine. Continue reading

I Didn’t Have to Lift a Finger to Do Any Planning

My parents wanted to make sure that I had a big wedding. Actually, I think they were more excited about something extravagant, because I really wanted to just save money along with my husband so that we could put it toward a new home. But my parents promised to pay for everything, so I was okay with that. They are the ones who paid for limo service in Toronto for the entire day, along with wedding and reception venues. My mom and my two aunts did most of the planning, so that really helped me out.

My parents are really big into the social scene around here, and it is important to them that everything be just right. They have hosted many big parties and they have been invited to a lot of them, so they know exactly how to handle everything. I have spent the last five years in college, so I did not know the first place to start. Mom even used to be a party planner before she married my dad, so she was in her element with my wedding. Continue reading

Started Planning the Christmas Party

About a dozen of us have started to plan a big Christmas party for the company. I called up a party bus company in Toronto to see what they charge for one of there vehicles and how much it is going to hold. Apparently they have a number of party buses in different sizes and the smallest ones carry around three dozen people. The largest types of them carry 45 or 50 people. Of course the company has close to 75 employees in all, but not all of them are going to be in town for the party. Continue reading