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Best Places in Amsterdam that You Can Visit for Free

eye-film-instituteIf you are in Amsterdam you won’t have time to get bored because there are so many things to do and plenty of places to visit. It can be exhausting and expensive trying to visit all the attractions of Amsterdam, so we’ve made a list of places that you can visit for free.

EYE Film Institute

EYE Film Institute is a museum that has a collection of Dutch and foreign movies. The events that take place here and the exhibitions from the main floor cost money, but the admission for the cinema exhibition from the basement is free. Here you can watch different clips that are projected on the walls. The most entertaining part about this museum is the fact that is has cabins with sofas where you can go and watch films.

Cannabis College

The cannabis college is an informational center where you can find more about the uses of cannabis (especially the medicinal purposes). Volunteers manage this place, so you won’t have to pay any admission fees. If you want to see the garden where they grow cannabis using organic nutrients, you have to make a small donation.

Amsterdam Architecture Foundation (ARCAM)

ARCAM is a union that provides information concerning the Dutch landscape, urban design and architecture.  The e floor building was designed by René van Zuuk and it’s free to visit it. Sometimes, ARCAM displays different exhibitions.

Civic Guard Gallery

Civic Guard Gallery is part of the Amsterdam Museum and the admission is free for this gallery.  The gallery has a collection of 15 portrait paintings from 17th century with city guard. Besides, The Civic Guard Gallery has a collection of contemporary portraits of Dutch ballet choreographers, boxing fighters, Ajax football player and common Amsterdam people.

Canal Ring

Once you’re in Amsterdam, you must see the Canal Ring which is situated in the Old Centre. Go for a walk at night and admire the lights that are decorated on the bridge.

Rijksmuseum Garden

Besides walking around the garden, you can also regard the sculpture exhibitions that are exposed here. Usually, these exhibitions include the works of the latest international artists. This year, the work of the Italian Giuseppe Penone will be exposed here from 10 June to 2 October. You don’t have to pay an admission fee.


Vondelpark is the biggest park in Amsterdam. If you want to have a picnic, bring your blanket with you because this is the ideal place. Moreover, here you find the statue of the poet Vondel.

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Key West is one of the southernmost cities in the United States

Ride through the beautiful Florida Keys from Miami to Key West is simply classic American journey. This is what you would expect on the road. Simply 4 hours from Miami on the scenic route abroad with many interesting (and kitsch) things go 110 miles to travel, the passage of 42 there including covered different. No visit to South Florida is complete without the Republic of the shell for a few days causing road. Especially if you like pirates, Key Lime Pie, water sports and live music! I recently stayed four days to explore the Florida Keys, along with my friends Steph Travel-Brea and Lauren Global Explauren   and we like to share our favorite things on a trip to Key West route do.

Hire a Jeep

The best way to discover the scenic Miami to Key West Florida Keys is behind the wheel of a convertible, and joy we rented Jeep Wrangler with tons of Fun Tours. You do it simply, the handover at the airport or at your hotel in Miami. Once you have it, just give the tip, remove clothing, to increase the volume, and enjoy the ride! We went to our Marathon under the hot sun for photos to stop and original souvenirs like shark was stuffed mascot for the rest of the trip.

Tarpon feeding the wild

Shake your arm in the water, a huge sea Glass Bottom Boat in Key West  creature suddenly stood up and put his mouth to my hand from the horrors of cheering spectators. Growing up to 8 meters long and weigh more than 200 pounds, they are huge tarpon fishing live in tropical waters of the Florida Keys. Fishermen from around the world travel here only have a chance to catch (and allow) one of these monsters. However, you can bait a bucket for only $ 3 and hand feed these amazing fish from the docks in Islamorada Robbie buy restaurant. Are careful, small teeth, the imprints left behind!

Marathon Key

As you drive directly from Miami to Key West in about 4 hours, there are many interesting things in the rest of the Florida Keys as well to see. I recommend on for 2 day trip, spend a night in Marathon before proceeding. This is exactly what we have done, a room in the beautiful Faro Blanco Resort book to break the drive. While in Marathon, take a small lunch in Tarpon Creek Bar & Grill and dinner at the Lighthouse Grill. Both serve all kinds of fresh fish caught locally palatable.

Seven Mile Bridge

Driving in vibrant Blue Ocean for miles on a bridge that was one of my favorite parts of the road trip Florida Keys seems to end ever. Seven Mile Bridge was built in 1912 for rail traffic. These days they are on the way to Key West or Park performed, north of mile marker 47 in Marathon and walk or bike bridge Pigeon Key Largo, the longest distance. Gather some friends and rent a boat for sailing with instruction Sunset Sail Key West as we do. Explore the powered only by the wind islands. They offer tours, sunset sails and overnight excursions.

Plan A Week Long Vacation To Franz Josef Land To Explore The Unexplored

A week’s off from your routine life can empower you to revamp your thought process and come up with new revolutionary ideas without any extraordinary effort.  This is how it works always. So, if you have been struggling with your life and finding it difficult to making things fall in line, you should take a break and head to a beautiful location that’s far away from all the hustles and bustles of life. There’s hardly a better option than Franz Josef Land for your much-awaited break. Here’s why you should visit this beautiful place at least once in a lifetime-

Beautiful Arctic Wilderness

The Franz Josef Land, a nature sanctuary, is part of Russian Arctic National Park. Lest you wish to see large groups of walrus, polar bears, bowhead whales and many other wildlife animals, you cannot find a better option than Franz Josef Land. The best part about this location is there’s no particular time when you get to see these wonders as they are there 24/7, so you can witness them throughout your stay. Isn’t it interesting?

Rich Polar Exploration History

Another reason that prompts thousands of visitors to visit this beautiful place every year is nothing but its gorgeous polar exploration history. Should you want to relive the history and want to experience that only a few get in their lives, this is the place to focus on for next week-long holiday.

Those who are interested in visiting Franz Josef, start from Longyearbyen and then cross the massive Barents Sea to beautiful Russian High Arctic. The experience that you get during your journey is hard to explain in words. It can only be felt and then saved in your memories for the rest of your life.

From eye-catching wildlife scenes to unique landscapes, you can find numerous things which will make your sojourn memorable. No matter what happens, never miss out a chance to visit a place like this. Remember, most of the people never get to see this heaven in their entire lifetime. So, if you’re given an opportunity, don’t miss it any point.

There are various ways through which you can book Franz Josef tours, so choose the one that suits your pocket and other requirements. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and get ready to experience the other side of life in Franz Josef Land.

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Not only depending on the girl that you choose, the rates differ based on the services on how long you want the girls to serve you. You can choose from hour, weekly, to something like travel companionship. The advantages to determine only escort girls from escort agency with good reputation, first, there is no risk that the girl that you choose different with the real thing. Second, you can dig information that you need to know further about the girls, the services, their specialties, and their rates.

Third, you have no worry that your personal information will be leaked. The agency will guarantee that no one will know about you. However, there are things that you should know aside from choosing your escort agency properly. Even though, you can propose travel services, but keep this in mind that either the agency and the girl can turn down your proposal if you choose such of places that are considered dangerous. New York visitant, however, should put this idea into account more if they visit New York all by themselves and expect to spend money properly with the right person that care about their comfortableness. In addition the girls very familiar with New York, so yes, you have no hassle to enjoy the best places in New York.

Set a Feasible Budget when Traveling and Booking a Hotel

As a traveler, you have to be smart in holding your budget and be able to spend it wisely since that most of the average travelers do this is kind of thing when traveling just to maximize the fun and experience in their gate away.

Knowing how much you can spend,this will surely allow you to choose luxury hotel resorts since that this is what we always long for, flight accommodation and other travel essentials that will not burn a hole in your wallet. You just might also need some additional cash for souvenirs that you are going to purchase along the journey and emergency travel expenses if there will be some changes in fees of buses, trains or even some local means of transportation.

So you have to be sure to take that into account because you will not be able to expect the unexpected to happen during the travel. By this, you have to create a list of things you need to spend money on and take care of them as early as possible so that you will not end up short in your budget as well as fun experience.

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