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Different Auto Accident Laws Based on the State

Each state in the country has its own set of laws pertaining to automobile accidents. These laws deal with who will be held responsible and how that person will have to pay for the damages they caused. Because each issue surrounding an accident has its own law, it is difficult for the average person to understand and be award of if they are in an accident. Because there are so many laws and each state can have different laws you should speak with or hire an accident lawyer if you are ever involved in an auto accident.

Many laws deal with who will be determined to be at fault for an accident. Other laws will handle how much a person can be rewarded for damages to them or their property. There are also some laws that limit what a person can be compensated for. If you have read this and you insist on filing your own claim, you will need to understand and know an immense amount of information about your state’s laws pertaining to automobile accidents.

Before you drive you should at least know your state’s laws regarding auto insurance and what the minimum is that you will need to carry. Driving without insurance could get you in trouble with the law, even if you are not responsible for an automobile accident. Insurance companies will be able to make sure your policy is up to date and you are covered for at least the minimum amount set up by your state’s laws.

Your state might have some laws that deal with comparative negligence. This term means that each party involved in an accident could be compensated at least a percentage of the loses no matter who was found to be at fault. If the party that is mainly at fault can prove that you had something to contribute to the accident, you might very well find yourself paying for some of their damages. Again you will want to check your insurance policy and make sure you are covered for these types of accidents and laws.

Another thing that states will differ on is the time limit that you have to file an insurance claim. If you do not know any of these laws, it is a good idea to do some research either online or at a library. If your research does not give you the information you are wanting you should consult or hire an accident attorney. A lot of people do not hire an attorney because they fear they are too expensive. Accident attorneys generally only get compensated if they win your case and you are compensated.

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Reasons for Hiring a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

There is no profession safe from risks and consequences of it. There is no profession as risky as the medical profession.

Medical practitioners include doctors, nurses, caregivers, paramedics, and other health care providers. They are exposed to a lot of risks and consequences, but they should do their best to avoid such. One of the most tragic risks in the medical profession is medical malpractice.

When a medical practitioner is involved in medical malpractice, this means that the professional has been negligent either in his action or on the omission of an action towards a patient. In a medical malpractice case, the medical practitioner resorts to practices which are not in line with regulations and standards of the profession. These deviations can be in the form of fraud, errors, bribery or hiding a lie or a secret. These deviations will mostly likely hurt a patient and these medical practitioners can be charged with medical malpractice. Victims of such actions needs a medical malpractice lawyer to investigate, settle or justify the accidents.

Medicine is the field of which medical malpractice lawyers are experts. They are lawyers who have good knowledge of medical problems and medical laws. Medical malpractice lawyers can also be hired by medical practitioners who have been accused of medical malpractice by working with the hospital system and investigating the issue to determine the best legal option for the accused. The medical malpractice lawyer will find a way to fight for their rights.

Medical practitioners committing medical malpractice will be held liable despite waivers being signed for major operations or any medical treatment. This is because it is the medical practitioners duty to give care to a patient in treating his illness. Medical practitioners should be conscious of appropriate standards and regulations given to them. Sometimes accidents are not prevented, and it is best that a medical practitioner has a personal medical malpractice lawyer to defend him in these cases. Although their main role is to investigate cases of medical malpractice, they can also defend the rights of those who are falsely accused of negligence.

If the doctor or any medical practitioner is not careful or not give concentration and due care to a patient, medical mistakes can happen anytime. There can be grave consequences if one gets lax in his job as a medical practitioner. Doing the best to care for their patients is the only way that medical practitioners can ensure that there is no medical malpractice being done.

Everyone should be more cautious about their health. You should seek the aid of a doctors when you observe symptoms of an illness which you know nothing about. Protect yourself by being aware of medical malpractice.

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David R. Price, Jr., P.A. Announces the Release of New Educational Videos


(Greenville, SC) David R. Price, Jr. announces the release of a new series of educational videos related to various legal topics, including Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Car Accidents and criminal defense. The videos discuss how insurance works, what to do following an automobile accident, how liability works within the state of South Carolina, how to determine the value of a case and much more. Individuals who take the time to watch these videos find many, if not all, of their questions are answered without the need to speak to an attorney, allowing more time during the initial consultation to discuss the case.

“Individuals often want to know if they may recover damages from a family member or what happens if their work injury was their fault. They may hesitate to contact an attorney, however, due to a desire to obtain more information before they take this step. The new video series answers these questions and numerous others and provides potential clients with information they want and need in a format most prefer,” David R. Price, Jr., spokesperson for the firm, announces.

Individuals filing a civil case in South Carolina must pay a $150 filing fee and follow all rules and guidelines found in the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure. In addition, individuals must know who to hold accountable for their injuries and where to file the case. The more information an individual has, the easier it is to determine whether or not to proceed. 

“Learn how the lawsuit process works or what to do and not do when involved in a car accident. Everyone benefits from these videos, not just those currently involved in a suit. The videos are short and to the point, allowing individuals to obtain the information they need without delay. Each person should stop and review these videos to have an understanding of what to do in various situations. Most can be watched on commercial breaks while viewing a television show, thus people don’t have to take time out of their busy day to learn something new,” Price continues.

In addition to the videos, the website contains articles covering a wide variety of topics, allowing each person to choose the method they are most comfortable with. Topics covered in the articles include auto accidents, criminal defense, workers’ compensation and personal injury. The more information one has, the easier it becomes to build a successful case.

“Individuals need to know whether to file in Magistrate Court, Circuit Court or another court within the state and when the suit must be filed, as statute of limitations do come into play in most cases. Furthermore, they must know who to hold liable and when a personal health insurance policy should be used to cover medical bills. These and numerous other topics are covered in the videos and articles offered, so be sure to check them out today,” Price declares.

About David R. Price, Jr., P.A.:

David R. Price, Jr. began practicing law in 2006 and was joined in 2015 by Sam Tooker. Mr. Price has secured a number of large settlements for clients, including one over $1,200,000, and fights aggressively to ensure his clients get the compensation they deserve. Mr. Tooker understands the other side of the law, having worked as a prosecutor in Pickens County for more than five years. Together, they ensure clients are treated fairly at all times.


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