Getting a Limo Party Bus for the Championship Game

It was the team championship for our school. First one in many years. We could not just take the kids, staff and volunteers in a school bus. We decided to amp up the celebration of winning the playoffs. This was a big deal to the kids, the parents and the local community. Many people were going to be making the almost two hour drive to where we were going to play. We decided to rent a big party bus in Toronto for the trip. The bus is outfitted for parties, and just because ours was not going to have any alcohol did not mean it was not a party.

The bus we rented had a very professional driver. The seating inside was much nicer than any school or commercial bus rental could be. It was seating where you could sit side by side and across from on another. There were coolers for beverages and a microwave. It had a big screen TV and fancy lighting. There was even a bathroom that was there for emergency use. That was a nice option to have for the long ride.

The ride home was even more fun since we won! We played music through the awesome sound system, and we showed videos on the big screen TV. It really was a great school team celebration. Everyone on the bus had a great time. This memory will be with the kids, staff, volunteers, coaches and team members for a long time. It was a whole lot more fun to be in the party bus in Toronto than in an old rundown school or regular passenger bus. The team has its own operating budget, and this transportation expense was no more expensive than what it costs the school to get buses for events through the contractor that transports the students every day.