Key West is one of the southernmost cities in the United States

Ride through the beautiful Florida Keys from Miami to Key West is simply classic American journey. This is what you would expect on the road. Simply 4 hours from Miami on the scenic route abroad with many interesting (and kitsch) things go 110 miles to travel, the passage of 42 there including covered different. No visit to South Florida is complete without the Republic of the shell for a few days causing road. Especially if you like pirates, Key Lime Pie, water sports and live music! I recently stayed four days to explore the Florida Keys, along with my friends Steph Travel-Brea and Lauren Global Explauren   and we like to share our favorite things on a trip to Key West route do.

Hire a Jeep

The best way to discover the scenic Miami to Key West Florida Keys is behind the wheel of a convertible, and joy we rented Jeep Wrangler with tons of Fun Tours. You do it simply, the handover at the airport or at your hotel in Miami. Once you have it, just give the tip, remove clothing, to increase the volume, and enjoy the ride! We went to our Marathon under the hot sun for photos to stop and original souvenirs like shark was stuffed mascot for the rest of the trip.

Tarpon feeding the wild

Shake your arm in the water, a huge sea Glass Bottom Boat in Key West  creature suddenly stood up and put his mouth to my hand from the horrors of cheering spectators. Growing up to 8 meters long and weigh more than 200 pounds, they are huge tarpon fishing live in tropical waters of the Florida Keys. Fishermen from around the world travel here only have a chance to catch (and allow) one of these monsters. However, you can bait a bucket for only $ 3 and hand feed these amazing fish from the docks in Islamorada Robbie buy restaurant. Are careful, small teeth, the imprints left behind!

Marathon Key

As you drive directly from Miami to Key West in about 4 hours, there are many interesting things in the rest of the Florida Keys as well to see. I recommend on for 2 day trip, spend a night in Marathon before proceeding. This is exactly what we have done, a room in the beautiful Faro Blanco Resort book to break the drive. While in Marathon, take a small lunch in Tarpon Creek Bar & Grill and dinner at the Lighthouse Grill. Both serve all kinds of fresh fish caught locally palatable.

Seven Mile Bridge

Driving in vibrant Blue Ocean for miles on a bridge that was one of my favorite parts of the road trip Florida Keys seems to end ever. Seven Mile Bridge was built in 1912 for rail traffic. These days they are on the way to Key West or Park performed, north of mile marker 47 in Marathon and walk or bike bridge Pigeon Key Largo, the longest distance. Gather some friends and rent a boat for sailing with instruction Sunset Sail Key West as we do. Explore the powered only by the wind islands. They offer tours, sunset sails and overnight excursions.