Make Your ex Miss you

Every woman has an ex they miss and want back. In a perfect world, you could work things out or make amends. Unfortunately people leave relationships in a whirl of anger and exaggerated complaints. Forgiveness is not always easy and convincing someone you are worth a second chance can be a complicated process. Here is a closer look at how to stack the odds in your favor if you want to reconcile with an ex.

Hard to Forget

A recent study showed that 71 percent of people, both men and women believe they spend too much time thinking about an ex-flame. Over half of the respondents blamed their single status on this unrequited love. Those statistics make it clear that believing men walk away from their girlfriends without a second thought is obviously nonsense. Does my ex boyfriend miss me? Yes, if this simple study is to be believed, he probably does.

Outdated Advice

When a breakup occurs you will be surrounded by friends offering a lot of ineffective advice. Generally it is expected that women will call, apologize (even if they did nothing wrong) and ask for a second chance. The problem is, this never works. Men wait for women to (bluntly stated) “Come crawling back”. It is an issue of power, and males frequently view themselves as the dominant voice in a relationship.

What Works

There is a simple plan to follow which can encourage your lost love to come back to you.

Ignore him, have fun and move on with your life. But do it publicly and with plenty of pictures so he can easily find out.

Avoid mentioning him to anyone.

If he happens to call, do not call back. At least not immediately. Let him sweat it out for a while. If you call back quickly, it will make it seem like he is a priority to you.

When you finally agree to see him, avoid discussing the past. Keep your date pleasant and fun, with no promises or pleas for another try.

The dating world can be a harsh and forgiving place. Women need to protect their own interests to make it through unscathed. In some instances it can be healthier to let an ex fade from your memory, but in those cases where they do matter and you cannot forget, it is empowering to know you have the potential to improve the situation.