No Reason To Travel Overseas To Experience A Rainforest, Try An Expedition Through Canada

You may think the only un-inhabited rainforest areas are overseas, but they’re not. In Canada in British Columbia there is an uninhabited rain forest just waiting for you to explore. The wildlife species that were in the area in 1793 are still there with lush forests.

Lush and dense forests are accessible by plane to remote islands where exploration awaits you. Enjoy a 13 day vacation close to home that could be a trip of a lifetime. You’ll travel by plane, boat and car on your expedition through canada.

If you’re interested in kayaking, there are many opportunities for kayaking too. There are many islands to explore and see on your trip. There are grizzly bears, moss draped forests, bald eagles and many others. The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the most beautiful places you could ever travel to.

Have you ever seen a white bear? Not an albino or polar bear, but a white bear? The Kermode bear is a species of the black bear and lives in this rainforest. More than half of these white bears call The Great Bear Rainforest their home.

If you prefer water creatures, why not sail into the Principe and Whale Channel and see the porpoises, Orcas, sea lions and the humpback whales. Nowhere else in the world can you see such a collection of wildlife and sea life in the world.

The islands you travel to have no residents living on them, no super highways or roads and are inhabited by man. This could be the paradise and soul refreshing place you’ve been dreaming of to get away from the rat race of daily life.

Spend a few days on a floating lodge in the middle of a remote area of a valley. This is one place on earth where the bears on land outnumber the humans that come to visit. September is a great month to visit this location because the salmon run and you can see one of the largest number of Grizzly Bears in the world.

Kick your shoes off and enjoy all that the world has to offer all in one place. Peace, serenity, lush forests and wildlife await your arrival.