Opening the Lines of Communication to Get an Ex-Boyfriend Back

Being in a relationship with someone and having that commitment broken can be devastating for a woman; so much so that she may try to get her boyfriend back. When a relationship ends, it takes the relationship’s potential with it. For most women, a boyfriend can turn into a husband, especially if all of the challenges in the relationship are worked out. Getting a boyfriend back can prove to be difficult, but there are ways to bring a ‘dead’ relationship back to life.

First, the woman should realize that there is a great possibility that their ex may not want to be in the relationship anymore. In this scenario, the woman should eliminate false hope and connect with reality. If she still wants to continue her pursuit, she will have to try hard and keep a realistic mindset. She can begin by establishing a period of no contact until emotions are put into check. Once she feels like a normal conversation can be had, she can begin attempting to contact him. If the ex contacts first, the woman should give them a thoughtful reply, ignoring them can cause more hurt feelings and make that person feel like mind games are being played. Mind games can likely cause a person to shut down their emotions.

Remember, guys are not as openly sensitive as women, and might not want to contact their ex-girlfriend first. If the woman really wants to fix the relationship and it’s evident that the ex-boyfriend isn’t making an effort to communicate, she should take the first step. More often than not, the ex will respond and may even have been waiting for the contact. If the girl feels more comfortable talking through text messaging, or emails as opposed to making calling, there is actually nothing wrong with that. It’s all about taking small steps before getting to the heart of the relationship problems. Initial contact after a breakup, is just that, contact in any form.

Once things seem a little smoother, both parties will need to make conscious efforts in order for the relationship to become positive again. One argument shouldn’t result in an instantaneous breakup, both people should be able to communicate and solve their problems as a unit. While this may seem like hard work on both ends, it’s worth it for the hope of a lasting relationship. Women and men can get more advice on this subject at