Summer Road Safety Tips From Personal Injury Attorneys

With summer right around the corner, chances are you are making some vacation plans. Whether you’re traveling abroad or are staying close to home, there are some serious safety issues you should consider before embarking on that long-awaited trip. In order to keep things fun on the road and on the water, take the time to check your equipment and refresh yourself about the rules of recreation. If, during the course of your time away, you find yourself involved in some kind of accident, be sure to contact some experienced attorneys in Panama City, FL.

A Pre-trip Check
For most people in the United States, a vacation means a road trip. Whether that road trip is across country or to a nearby beach or park, be sure that your vehicle is in good enough condition to get you to your destination safely. Some of the things to check before you head out on your summertime excursions are break and signal lights, tire pressure, and fluid levels. All of these can be done quickly and easily from home with nothing more than a YouTube tutorial. If your trip is going to take you a long way from home or through remote country, be sure to take your car in for a pre-trip check. These visits to the mechanic tend to be quick and cheap and include checking lights, breaks, fluids, battery, and belts. It is amazing how quickly car trouble can turn a fun and exciting trip into a nightmare.

Keep Yourself Safe
Besides making sure your car is in good enough condition to get you there and back again, it is a good idea to brush up on road safety rules. Some small things you can do to make sure you keep yourself and others safe include wearing a seat belt and enforcing that rule among all your passengers regardless of age or where they are sitting, avoiding drowsy driving, and knowing where you are going and what to expect from the trip.

Seat Belts Aren’t Negotiable
While seat belt use seems like a no-brainer to most people, adherence to the rule seems to become less important the longer someone is on the road, which is crazy since the longer someone is on the road, the more likely they are to suffer from fatigue and make bad driving decisions. As the driver or car owner, it is up to you to make sure everyone follows the law. While some states don’t require people in the back seats of a car to wear seat belts, the truth is these belts save lives no matter where someone is sitting!

Mind Your Diet
Drowsy driving is a huge problem on long road trips. In order to avoid this problem, be sure to get plenty of rest the night before the trip and arrange a shared driving schedule with other passengers. Switching drivers every few hours helps everyone stay alert and offers a chance to rest from the stress (or monotony) of the road. Another important part of staying alert is eating healthy snacks and meals. Be sure to keep satisfied but not over-full and make sure fruits, veggies, and lean proteins are a part of your diet while traveling. Avoid alcohol at all costs! While one drink may not put you over the legal limit, it will make you relaxed and sleepy. Save the alcohol for the cabin or the beach, but be sure to keep it closed and put away during travel!

Be Prepared for Problems
Finally, if your trip is taking you through remote areas, be sure to have a survival kit that can support everyone in the car. Food, water, and warmth are the bare essentials you should have, but you may also want to consider flares, a first aid kit, and a two-way radio. It is also a good idea to have the phone number of attorneys in Panama City, FL, just in case the worst should happen!