The Trip to the Amusement Park

Months ago, the neighborhoods parents came up with a plan to take all of the kids to the amusement park for one day during the summer. This was going to be a fun summer trip before the school year started again, and all of the kids were looking forward to it. Everything was set to go off without a hitch, until one little thing happened. The vehicle the parents were going to use to take the kids stopped working. I went to the Platinum Toronto party bus website and rented one of their buses as quickly as I could, because there was no time to take it to an auto shop, and no one knew how to fix cars.

My quick thinking worked out for everyone, because I was able to get one of the buses sent to us and we were on our way to the amusement park. The kids sang songs while on the ride to the park. They did all of the classics, like the one about the bottles of beer on the wall, or the one about the hole in the bottom of the sea. I hadn’t sang those songs since I was a kid, but I still remembered all of the lyrics. Once the kids started singing the song that doesn’t end, the other parents became a little annoyed, but then they started singing too.

Once we arrived at the amusement park and got our passes, the parents asked the kids which ride they wanted to go on first, and they all said they wanted to get on the biggest roller coaster. When I looked at the size of the roller coaster, I felt my stomach drop down to my feet. I’ve been on my share of roller coasters in my day as a kid, but none like that one. As we were seated, I was starting to get nervous, and was about to change my mind about riding, but the coaster started moving before I could get off.