Travel – How To Stay Happy And Healthy While Traveling

It doesn’t matter why you’re travelling or what your destination, fatigue, stress, an upset stomach or worse can spell disaster for your trip. Fortunately, the wear and tear of travel can be kept to a minimum with simple advance planning. If you’re looking for a better way to have easier trips and be more comfortable, here are some helpful tips to stay happy and healthy while traveling:

– When packing, you want to consider where you’re going, how long you’ll be away and what the climate is like at your destination. But no matter what sort of trip you’re planning, bring along a well-stocked self care kit.

– Have in your posession familiar store-brought remedies such as Maalox, Mylanta, Gelusil, Tums or Rolaids combat the stomach upset, heartburn and abdominal cramping sometimes caused by unfamiliar food or drink.

– Over the counter preparations like Imodium AD, Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol are all effective at stopping diarrhea. Tablets are easier to take along on a trip, although the liquid forms of these medications usually offer faster relief.

– Avoid drinking alcohol because it is a depressant, and can aggravate lethargy and fatigue. It can also cause restlessness, which can disturb your sleep or keep you from sleeping altogether and can leave you feeling dehydrated.

– Don’t do to much caffeine because it can leave you feeling dehydrated and out of sorts. Too much caffeine can also cause nervousness, anxeity, tremors and insomnia.

– Make sure you drink plenty of water. Slight dehydration can cause listlessness and fatigue and can even make you prone to mental error – symptoms similar to those of jet lag.

In summary, let’s say you’re planning a trip to the tropics, get immunizations at least one month before your departure. Last minute efforts to obtain shots only compound the ordinary stress occasioned by an overseas journey. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides recorded messages outlining immunication requirements and recommendations for international travel. ********************************************************************************************************** Colon Bolden is an expert Article Writer and Guaranteed Home Income Consultant. Are you interested in a Global business by paying a one time out of pocket entry and make $5,000 and $20,000 over and over again? Do you know there is no sponsoring, no recruiting and no qualifying to join this TOP Teamwork and Global Leverage Business Opportunity? See what Return On Integrity Unlimited (ROI Unlimited) has to offer – you will be blown away!