Traveling Notaries Keep Busy in the Bustling Business Districts

Business districts have many office buildings, law offices, medical practices, and other types of businesses. It also boasts a variety of restaurants with menus from around the world. From sandwich shops to fancy Italian restaurants, large cities are a great place for work, play, and rendezvous. With so many types of businesses, it’s little wonder that these areas have such great demand for notary publics. People might even be staying at one of the many hotels in town and find themselves in need of a traveling notary public.

Time is of the essence for busy people, and even out of towners may be in need of a notary public. When you call a traveling notary, all you need to do is let the answering service know what documents will be notarized, and your notary will soon be on his or her way. If you need additional notary supplies and documents, your notary should be advised of this, and they will be available when the notary arrives. He carries a wide variety of supplies needed, so just let him know of the additional documents needed, and for a small fee he will bring them along to notarize, as well.

So many instances and circumstances call for the services of a traveling notary public. A Power of Attorney is a common document that must be notarized, and the traveling notary public might need to visit the signers at a hospital or a bank. As an added bonus, the traveling notary is available any time day or night. There is an additional charge for after business hours and weekends, but it is good to know that this service is available when it is needed. It is a great convenience when there isn’t time to wait for your vehicle to be repaired, or you don’t have time to learn the bus schedule, or you are handicapped. These notaries will come to you in the time frame in which they are needed. They are punctual and efficient, and will be at your service as soon as they arrive. There is a fee for traveling time for your mobile notary, and if you need this notary in a super rush, there will be an additional service charge. But isn’t it great to know that he or she will be at your service in a timely manner when you are in desperate need of a notary?

Traveling Notary Public comes to your location to sign legal documents: Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Deeds, etc. Save gas and time; mobile notary public to your office, hospital or home. Call 1-800-aNotary (800) 266-8279 for 24 emergency service covering most of Southern Califonia including Encino notary public service.

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