Twenty-Two Tips for Maintaining Your Personal Security When Traveling for Business or Pleasure

It is quite common for some people to spend more time away from home each day than they do in their own home, usually when commuting to work, or when traveling for business or vacations. A home security system can protect you when you’re home, but when you are away, Safe Home Security advises you to take certain precautions to keep yourself safe.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, planning can be very, very important and often requires some effort. Nevertheless, it pays to learn and practice the best ways to protect yourself before any trip. Here’s a list of protection and security tips you should think about when planning your trip:

Tip#1: Let someone you trust in your neighborhood or office know your itinerary: when you’re leaving, where you’ll be, and what day you’ll be returning. Of course, if you’ll be gone for more than a day, arrange to have a trusted neighbor, friend or the police do periodic checks on your home.

Tip#2: Create the perception that someone is home. Have a neighbor or friend collect your mail, or suspend delivery temporarily. Lights can be turned on and off at night, either manually or by using timers. If you’ve authorized someone to check on your home, consider having them open and close your blinds. You can also have a neighbor park in your driveway for you, or simply park put an extra car there yourself while you’re away.

Tip#3: Suspend delivery of your newspapers if there is no one to collect them for you.

Tip#4: Arrange to have your lawn mowed and snow removed while you’re away to create the perception that you are home, or that you will not be away for a long time.

Tip#5: Always unplug electrical appliances such as toasters, coffeepots, etc., before you leave, even if they’re already off.

Tip#6: If you’re going to a new, foreign, exotic, or tropical location, prearrange contact times with someone back home; call them by cell phone or email them at predetermined intervals so they will know that if they do not hear from you as scheduled, you could be in trouble.

Tip#7: If traveling to a foreign country, consider registering with the consulate office as soon as you arrive at your destination. Tip#8: Always become familiar with your destination before you leave so that you’ll you have some advance understanding of the culture, language, landmarks, etc., and where to go if in need of assistance.

Tip#9: Always take a notarized copy of your passport with you when traveling abroad.

Tip#10: Make sure you have luggage locks; keep luggage in sight until you are certain it is in a secure location.

Tip#11: Never get into a taxi with someone other than the driver, and never let the driver stop to pick up someone you don’t know.

Tip#12: If you’re in a strange city, walk confidently as though you know where you are and where you’re going.

Tip#13: Remember to always bring an identification card with you that includes any allergies, medical history and emergency contact numbers.

Tip#14: Once arriving at your hotel, remember to learn the location of fire exits and stairs.

Tip#15: Always keep the hotel safety lock in place when you’re in your room alone.

Tip#16: Leave valuables in the hotel safe, and when you’re abroad, always take a notarized copy of your passport with you. Leave the original in the safe at your hotel to prevent it from being stolen.

Tip#17: When registering at hotels, never say your name or room number loudly. When answering your room phone, do not give your full name.

Tip#18: Consider including a rubber door wedge in your luggage; use it to further secure your door when in your room or sleeping at night to feel safer.

Tip#19: Always try to request a room on an upper floor, if possible.

Tip#20: Use your do not disturb sign whenever you’re in your room alone.

Tip#21: Whenever you arrive at your hotel room, always keep the door propped open with your luggage until you have fully inspected all areas and potential hiding places in the room.

Tip#22: Always use valet parking or ask your bellman for an escort if you’re alone, especially at night when traveling to local areas and back to your hotel.

Safe Home Security suggests that you consider these guidelines when traveling alone for business or while on vacation. Read through these suggestions when planning your trip so that you will be fully prepared to maintain a high level of personal security for yourself and your family.

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